Our work

Here are some of our recent projects


Occupational health and safety content

Production of short videos on several OHS subjects presented during Pauses-sécurité (group meetings on workplace safety). Presentation of all the CNESST's Zero Tolerance risks. Training on frequently used equipment, tools and materials.

Interactive action sheets
Interactive guides

Training on psychological harassment and presentation of the RWO

Animated sequences and quizzes in a course on psychological harassment and civility in the workplace. Presentation of the Respect in the Workplace Office and its services.

Awareness video
Presentation and promotional video
Groupe Touchette

Overview of the new ordering system and information for dealers

Detailed step-by-step tutorials for a change management initiative. Videos that promote services presented during several auto shows. Short videos on the basics of tires, how they work and their installation.

Product tutorials
Explainer videos
Promotional videos
Université de Montréal

Communication tools and science popularization

Video and interactive presentations of various activities and initiatives of IRIC, IRICoR, Oncopole and IVADO, used for student recruitment, grant applications, events and philanthropic activities.

Interactive tools
Videos and visuals for events
Digital signage
Promotional material for social media
Explainer videos
LifeWorks (Morneau Shepell)

Tools to guide employees through changes to their health and pension plan

Overview of retirement plans and health plan options. Presentation of the changes, explanation of the actions to be taken and the steps to follow.

Product overviews
Explainer videos

Pedagogical support and illustration of mathematical problems

Videos accompanying secondary 4 and 5 mathematics training guides. The videos are used to highlight the mathematical knowledges targeted and illustrate the problems to be solved. 75 videos were produced for a total of more than 180 minutes of animation.

Educational videos
Short animated videos
Central Bernard

Onboarding and basics in hygiene and food safety

Training developed to ensure a good understanding and adoption of hygiene and sanitation measures. This individual course is accompanied by a version that can be presented to groups of employees, as well as several reminder tools.

Welcome video
Digital signage
Printed manuals