Engaging learning content for a successful digital transformation


Promote awareness and inform your employees

Our eye-catching short videos and presentations convey as much information as possible in the least amount of time. Reminders maximize the adoption of new behaviours.

Informer facilement et rapidement
Pour les sujets plus complexes ou les gestionnaires


Develop and validate new skills

Short and varied learning modules help understand complex topics. Videos, animations, diagrams, exercises and activities engage learners and facilitate retention.

Tools and guides

Find the information you need when you need it

Guides and reference tools enable you to find the information you are looking for. Procedures and templates help you meet legal obligations.

Informations utiles et simplifiées au bout des doigts
Rapports et preuves de conformité


Confirm that your employees have completed the minimum requirements

Reports and certifications show that training has been completed and prove compliance with requirements and obligations. Rigorous follow-ups and statistics are visible in a user-friendly dashboard.


Interact with learners and exchange between members of a group

Live sessions create a link between trainers and learners. A mini social network allows members of a cohort to exchange, share information and help one another.

Vidéoconférences, webinaires, réseau social d'apprentissage
Interactive videos

Grab their attention with interactive videos

Add dozens of interactions to your videos with a single click: text, images, thumbnails, watermarks and much more!

Questions and quizzes

Test knowledge retention with true or false questions, multiple choice questions, and hotspots embedded directly in the videos.

Varied learning paths

Offer different paths according to a learner's choices. Give the learners the power to control their learning journey.

Logo watermark
and subtitles

Easily add a logo to your video to personalize and protect it. Easily download, generate or edit subtitles in multiple languages.

Table of contents

Add a table of contents so users can easily navigate through videos and find the information they need.

Buttons and pop-ups

Add clickable buttons to provide tips, pop-ups, comments, and navigation options.

Search within the transcript

Click on a word in the transcript to go directly to the corresponding moment in the video!
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